Freelance Services

I am a freelance transdisiplinary artist, particularly skilled in audio arts. I am available for freelance & hire work including:
Music and Score
Audio Editing
Workshops & Education
Analog Photography
Consultancy Services

I work with a variety of analog and digital equipment and software, with a capable home studio including a variety of analog synthesizers, compressors and tape machines. I am particularly well suited to unusual projects with a fine attention to detail, and I'm able to adapt well to most requests - please feel free to email with details of any projects you have in mind!

My rates are negotiable depending on the project, and I am open to payment-in-kind for services or collaborations. I'm also open to helping out with passion projects and charitable endeavours.

Duved, Sweden with manipulated ND filter

The Journey with Company Paradiso

Through September to October 2022, I composed and produced several musical pieces for Company Paradiso as part of their VR project The Journey. As part of the project, young people from Esteem and Time Out Fostering created artwork for a virtual reality world, and the music was designed to complement and enhance the experience of exploring that world. The score blends manipulated string, horn and choral sounds, resampled tape loops and airy plucks reminiscent of birdsong to create a dynamic, etherial and wispy soundtrack for the space. The songs make use of spatialisation in the VR world to trigger in certain areas, all of which have a different feeling and atmosphere and separate melodic elements designed to draw you in from further away.

Images and artworks from the VR world, created with support from Company Paradiso and Cliff Crawford

Children painting in VR for The Journey B&W film image taken by Joe Lawrence on opening night of the exhibition B&W film image taken by Joe Lawrence on opening night of the exhibition


Waveform is an upcoming arthouse short film directed by University of Hamburg graduate Karen Dohr, for which I composed and produced the score. The film is shot on 16mm analog film, and uses a custom made electromechanical device to manipulate light, in addition to physically layering projections, for the dream sequence. My score blends Foley, field recordings, damaged acoustic instruments and manipulated samples to create a complex and subtle soundtrack that blends sound design, audio art, music and Foley.

adrien composed and produced the score for Waveform alongside additional audio editing, ambiance and Foley

Person Dropping Hydrophone into Water Under Bridge Ethereal Dream Featuring Ghostly Figure The Two Characters Gaze Longingly at the Beach

Sound Effects and Signal Path Consultancy

I composed and produced sound effects and acted as Signal Path Consultant for an upcoming privacy oriented, zero knowledge social media site. Sound effects included incoming and outgoing messages and friend requests, call ringtones, all created with a cohesive sonic identity reflective of the modern aesthetics of the site. My consultancy work was for the audio signal chain for voice calls, detailing where in the path various effects and processing is best applied for audio quality and vocal clarity, while maintaining a low data usage.